About Telnet and Apple Script?

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Please tell me about the Telnet and Apple Script help me fast if anyone know.


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About Telnet and Apple Script?


Hi Adilakhkaq: 

Telnet as most of us know is a code of behavior that permits you to have access to a certain Host over the internet.
These hosts are known by familiarity as remote computers.
In order to use telnet you will have to download first a Telnet client on your computer, and make an account for you to have a quick access on the software or you can just log on their public domain if you do not want to make your own account.
Apple script on the other hand is a program that permits macintosh users to make rhythmic responsibilities that will satisfy your requests or demands.
This software can be programmed to do certain tasks such as downloading file from the internet, and creating good back-up files on your computer documents.
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About Telnet and Apple Script?


Telnet is a program available in Windows that allows you to access a remote computer. The remote computer should be accessible to the internet or should be connected within your network if you are in a Local Area Network [LAN].

You cannot use telnet on the remote machine if it is not connected to any network or within your Local Area Network. To use telnet on the remote computer, you need its IP address or web address if it is a website.

Here’s the easiest way of having a telnet session:

  • Click Start then Run.
  • Type “telnet myserver.com” [URL or web address] without double quotes or “telnet [IP address]” [replace [IP address] with the remote computer’s actual IP address] then hit Enter.
  • Enter credentials like username and password when prompted.
  • Type “telnet ?/help” without double quotes for the complete list of commands.
  • Type “close” without double quotes to exit telnet session.

AppleScript is an English-like programming language used in Macintosh computers to handle programs. It is referred to as the human-readable language which can be read and written by ordinary people.

You don’t need to be a programmer, a nerd, or a geek to build simple AppleScript scripts.

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