About nokia x6 how open mp3.

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Hi everyone,

About Nokia X6 how open mp3. I got this new Nokia X6 mobile phone from a friend; I am having some problem of opening mp3 files. 

There is always an error occurs when I tried to open mp3 files.

How can I be able to send those files if I cannot even open it?

Thank you and have a nice day.

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About nokia x6 how open mp3.


Open Music player and select  Options/Refresh Library and then select an mp3 file you want to play.

If the phone is a used one then there is chance that the mp3 file may be corrupted or may be because of a virus, try to format the SD card.

If it not fix the problem try factory resetting of mobile.

You can send the mp3 files using multimedia, Bluetooth or can transfer to PC using USB cable and can mail.


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About nokia x6 how open mp3.


Hello Kristen.

Can you open other files on your phone?

I think your mp3 files got corrupted somehow. Connect your phone to a computer using the data cable. Then scan your phone with any anti-virus software.

If you find any corrupted file, remove it using that antivirus.

If that anti-virus cannot remove corrupted files then you have to format your phone. Store all the information on that computer. Then format your phone.

The problem will be solved then.

Thank you for your question.

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