About multithreaded file transfer topic.

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Multithreaded file transfer can really improve performance and work of the people around the world? What are the advantages and disadvantage of multi threading files and transferring as well.

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About multithreaded file transfer topic.


As an advancement in technology, the multithreaded file transfer is becoming popular because of its speed of execution. We will see the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.


1. It makes use of unused computer resources, which enhances the execution to a faster rate due to the use of multithreading.

2. Running multiple threads will avoid leaving resources idle.

3. If more than one thread works on the same sort of data then each thread can use the cache of another thread, thus leading to better cache usage.


1. If multiple threads are working on the system then they might interfere with each other while sharing the resources of a computer.

2. Due to slower frequency the execution time of single thread is not improved.

3. The multithreading hardware platform is more visible to software. This leads to more changes in application programs and operating systems.

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