Socket Error 11004 in TeamSpeak

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Hello I want install TeamSpeak software on my computer. I see a error message on this software when i installed it. Anybody knows about how to solve this problem. I am very upset for this problem. Error message is

"TeamSpeak 2

Socket Error #11004"

Please help me to solve this error.Thank you for your help.

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Socket Error 11004 in TeamSpeak


There can be several reasons for “Socket Error 11004” when trying to connect

Some of them are below which you can try to solve your issue.

Verify that your address field in teamspeak is filled correctly. Check for missing characters and spaces and port address.

Also verify that your address format is correct, it should be like Address:port or ip.ip.ip.ip:port

There can be DNS issue as well which can cause this error. If you are using domain name then try to use IP address instead.

another possible reason can be firewall or antivirus issue, try to disable firewall or antivirus then try to connect.


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Socket Error 11004 in TeamSpeak


Hi Dear,

This error commonly occurs when we forget to put port or copy paste the address.

Open your connection settings of team speak and verify that you have not pasted any space between address.

Your address should be in this format.


This IP address and port is given to you in your account.

Sometimes this becomes a reason of any DNS issue.

Windows firewall settings and antivirus software also make the issues for this.

Check them too.


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