Windows Mobile OSs

Windows Mobile OSs


Brief for the watchguard ssl vpn client download and mentioned the systems requirements for the same too and thanks for it and revert asap.

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I have a HTC 8X phone from AT&T that they will not help us fix. When I go to send a text message I have to hit the enter key three times for every message. Is the screen worn out or a software problem? The phone also reboots 3 or 4 times a day with no warning. Is this a AT&T issue or a phone problem? Thanks

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Why is my Microsoft surface Pro 3 battery draining quickly? With many features and excitement I derive from my new Surface pro 3 slate, the only bad taste in my mouth is the battery that is quick to drain. What tricks can I use to prolong the battery time? What feature in the slate uses most battery power? How do I stop the high battery consumption features?

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My phone is running Symbian OS and I love to have swf symbian wallpaper displayed on my phone. Recently, I got an error about any wallpaper not being able to  display. My younger brother played with my phone before this happened. Did he uninstall something from my phone that have caused this issue?

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I have outlook set-up in my phone and wants to do calls easily. I want any outlook incoming call pop up on my phone. How can I set that up? Do I have to install additional software to have that?

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Hi guys,

A couple of days ago I downloaded new pc studio for my Samsung Corby GT-S3653, but it did not work. How can I fix this problem? Can somebody help me regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance

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What latest operating system does the new version of iPhones use and how does it differs from the other OS?



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I heard Crackle has brought something new for Windows Phone. What is it?

Is it any application?

If yes, from where can I find it?

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Hello experts,

I failed to use Vodafone Mobile Connect Software on Windows 7 64 bit because of following error message:

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Can the Android, stop notifications of text messages based on content?  

I noticed that there is a fragmentation around the different secondary markets in Android.  How would a currency system affect the gaming market?

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