Why webcam turns on independent from anyone else? Do I have a spyware that turn on my webcam?

My laptops webcam turns on independent from anyone else. this situation unequivocally began a few days in the past, soon after that i didn't have any situations. i don't know what's wrong! am i being looked at???

Provided that i am, what would i be able to do?! 

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I have a forum on my website made with PHP 5. But I need some sort of community support software, because the forum doesn't cut it anymore. I like the features BoonEx is providing me, but it is too expensive for my taste.

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My program consists of a server that needs to pull data from a web service. The problem is that I have never set up a web service before! Is there an SFS extension for the web I can use?

What do I need to do?

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I have Linux operating system. I am facing problems in converting excel file to pdf vb6 program in its full format. Is there any solution to this problem?

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I wanted to know what  are the significant differences between Release 2  and Solaris 10 of Sun Java Desktop System? Are there any new releases with better features, recently?

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Hi friends,

Can anyone let me know how to use existing Microsoft back-end Protocols? What are the interoperability options to access Microsoft Network Services in the Sun Java Desktop System Environment?


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I know Linux doesn't get infected by viruses easily, but I'm suspecting mine has. Most of the commands are not working, and some are doing the wrong thing. If I type a command to open a file, then it opens a program.

I'm not a pro but I know enough about Linux, and I'm not typing wrong.

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