I am working base on Apache Software Foundation but suddenly I encountered an error message.

Have you familiar with this project base information?

I want to know the cause of this annoying message.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Org. apache.uima.analysis_engine.AnalysisEngineProcessException.

More detailed information is in the log file.


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I got the following error message after installing the 3.x-dev version.

What could be the cause of this error?

Have any idea to fix this issue?

I want to resolve this error ASAP.

Please help me find out better way using PHP.

Thanks for everything.

I am using Mac OS.

PHP Syntax Error

Parse error: parse error in on line 6.

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I am using PHP program language and trying to add some code but the following error displays.

How can I fix this error message without having any issue?

I would greatly appreciate your assistance so please provide proper solution.

Thanks in advance.

PHP Parse error: parse error, expecting “)” in index.php on line 63.


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I would like to add a PHP chat application to my website so I can chat with people in real time. I would like to use PHP and jQuery to create this. Is this one of the simplest software's available? Or would I be better suited to something else?

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How can I validate my PHP forms? Is there a PHP form validator ide plugin if so for which ide and which plugin? PHP Form Validator 1.0 allows PHP validation so that is another possibility what would be the regular expression that I would use for a phone number using this software?

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Hi guys.  I'm making my own website using a responsive Joomla template with admin panel.  I'm trying to insert a DCR Shockwave media file but I'm having a message of "plug in must be installed".  Where can I get the Joomla DCR plugin?  I'm on Windows XP.  Thanks.

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Hi fellow members.  I'm planning to create my own automotive blog site.  Can someone lend me a snippet in PHP article spinner generate other articles from the core article?  Any help would be much appreciated.  I have an iMac with OSx Snow Leopard if that matters.

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I am currently doing in my website with XML on it. As I was trying to retrieve my file from the site an error occurred saying that there is something wrong with the XML document.

What do I do in order for me to retrieve the file without having the error keeps popping back to me. Thanks in advance.


There is an error in XML document.

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Hello there fellow members.  Is there a PHP script productivity development tool that I could use for repetitive tasks like manual code testing and has support for basic authentication? I need to increase my productivity.  Can someone help me out?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys.  I have about 10 employees that I have to manage.  Is there a PHP staff management script that has the time-in time-out function and a time billing tool?  Suggestions anyone?  Any help would be highly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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