I am having difficulties copying files to and from my apache, Ubuntu based website . i gave some freelancer some task to set me up WordPress – locally hosted. How can i bypass apache traces to copy the servers webpages to WordPress hosted on the internet? urgent please help as soon as possible

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Few days back, I have moved from working on iOS apps to working on Android and with this, I have moved from using Xcode to using Eclipse.

I like the Eclipse XML editor due to its features like xml validation, schema libraries linking, tooltips for CDATA documentation, and auto-complete.

However, since Eclipse is CPU consuming, I have decided not to use Eclipse for XML editing, and instead find something else that fits the needs listed above & most importantly it is light-weight.

So, can anyone provide me tips if are there any free, light xml editors and xml-schema editors available?


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Hello everyone

I want to parse HTML in java using a library. Can anyone tell me what is the best library to parse HTML in java?


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