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Saturday, October 2, 2021 09:14 AM


When a user tries to log on the internet from his Nokia cell phone, he/she may have some problem in succeeding.

That too especially in some categories.

How can the Nokia Xpress music 5130c-2 support web entry and what are solutions that can deal with it?

especially the ones with opera browsers default installed in it?

Please help.

Thanks fellows.

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I am using opera browser. I am downloading a file through opera. Suddenly my net is disconnected. The download is not completed successfully. It downloads only 90% data of the file.

I forget the link from where I am downloading. I need to retrieve that file again. Is there any way to retrieve the file and start download from that previous state?

It will be great help for me if you can tell me the way.

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I am using Opera browser for quite a long time now and I believe that this is the best browser when using Subsonic Music Streamer. But recently, I am encountering a problem with the opera Cache. Something has been varied but I am not sure if it’s with the new Opera version or the updated version of Subsonic. When I play a song on an album, the song will be added to the playlist by default and the VLC player will automatically starts. My problem is, when I edit the playlist or remove any song on the playlist, the song will become visible again in the list. It seems that there is a problem with the Opera Cache as the song does not really exist even if they pop back again.

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What is better Operamini or Bolt Browser Application in my mobile?  What is the fastest and easy to use?

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