Hello there.  I'm looking for an application where I can modify and create my LDAP directory and data sets without using the command line.  My desktop is on a Windows XP 64 bit system.  Where can I find free LDAP administrator XP?

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I need some help guys. 

I'm wondering if I can read data from an LDAP server without using Java? 

Can Lotus Script connect LDAP? 

I'm on Windows XP 64 bit SP2 and LotusScript Extension Domino 5.0. 

Any feedback on this? 


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Hello experts,

I have hard time on SQL server connect to ldap server. Can anyone help me about this? I need step by step procedure.

Thank You.

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Is it possible for me to add an LDAP Address List to Outlook 2010 via GPO/Regedit? How's it done?

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Hi friends

How do i set up an LDAP?

What are the tools used to import all existing users and groups from our localsystem to LDAP?



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Where do my deleted files go after I delete them from the recycle bin of my personal computer?

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How does PerLDAP work? Also, what’s the latest version of PerLDAP? Please help.


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I am using Sun ONE LDAP server, and where my application is deployed, they use MS AD. I store the values of User Name and Password (LDAP user name and password) in one table. In Sun ONE, I precede my user name with "cn=" and at my end I am able to connect to LDAP server, but where the application is deployed,gives error:Bind:error:netscape.ldap.LDAPexception:error result (49).

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Would I be able to obtain user passwords from the AD database?

I am on a slow WAN link.

How can I promote my existing location to a server to DC?

Is it possible to remove AD forcibly from a server?

What should I do after removing it from the server?

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Hello guys! I’d like to ask you several questions regarding ejabberd and hopefully you can help me. My first question is, does ejabberd works with Single Sign-On (SSO)? Second, is it possible for me to transfer the log-in credentials from a user session to the client via automatic log-in (like in Spark using SSO)? Third, should I encrypt my LDAP-communication (currently only TLS is feasible)? Fourth, where are the user passwords stored (upon activating the checkbox “save password” in a client)? Lastly, what kind of client would function on a terminal-server? The client must have an encryption support, history, whiteboard and at least SSO. Thanks in advance to those folks who can provide me with answers.

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