Hard Drives

Hard Drives

Low level formatting needs to be done on 100 pictures of hard drives. What's the easiest way?

We are in the process of sending a few 100 hard drives to Delhi office. To be sure of the data security, we need to format all, including the ones using our company content.

We just upgraded our machines with 500 GB HDD and the old ones are needed to be sent to the head office.

Can anyone help us find out the easiest ways that we can try?

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I'm planning to upgrade my 40 GB hard drive to 500-GB drive. Is this possible? Is there also a way to transfer all the files and settings exactly to the new HD?

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Hello guys!

I have a 1 year old computer running on Windows 7 and it has a 120 GB hard disk drive connected via IDE cable.

However, the 120 GB HDD is almost full, that is why I recently bought a new SATA 500 GB HDD.

Now, my question is, is it possible to add another internal hard drive on my system without re-formatting my primary hard drive? Will the system automatically detect the new SATA HDD? 

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I have a Samsung 500 GB hard disk's drive and I want to know if you guys have any ideas on how to prevent or repair bad sectors on my hard drive? After 1 year of using my computer, I started encountering issues with my HDD. It appears that there are plenty of bad sectors in my hard disk causing my computer to slow down at times.
Any suggestion will be truly appreciated.
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Hi Dears,

Can someone help me secure my hard drive?
Actually, i want to secure my hard drive not the hard disk, as there is an option to set password on my computer so that my data can be secured. Is there any option to set a password in specific drive?
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I need help on how can I create partition on my hard drive so I can have a separate location for windows and my files.


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I usually sleep after I started downloading. Our computer runs the whole night and all throughout the process of downloading, so our hard drive might be damaged. And also because of this, we will somehow waste electricity, though we take some ways to have it shutdown automatically when it has finished downloading.

Please give me solution to this.

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My question is related with Linux Operating System. I want to know how to check the memory which is being occupied by all the directories & files in one parent directory. Also, one more thing, how can I check the disk usage or memory usage of files & directories with respect to depth levels.

Any one who can help me in a bit detail about my above asked questions or queries??

Thanks & Regards,

Faisal Rehman

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I bought a laptop but there was only Linux installed on it. I put the Windows 7 DVD and I saw that my HDD was parted 2x150GB (the HDD is 320). I formatted one of them and installed Windows 7. But when I started, My Computer,  the other partition was invisible.  Then, I put the Windows DVD back and tried to format the second partition from there, but I can`t.

How can I use both of my partitions?

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I was working with DISK MANAGEMENT system. Unfortunately, I deleted my D and F drive. All my important documents were there. What can I do? 

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