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I am facing a problem while  installing NOD32 Anti-virus on my PC. I get a  Systems incompatible error.

What is it and how can it be resolved?

I think I have a virus because whenever I open my control panel  a random internet window appears.

I can't reach any online virus protection site.

I am looking for an expert solution.


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What is Firewall ?

Could you explain it to me please.

I am quite interested to know that  what kind of Firewalls people use in their computer and also the reason why they prefer that particular Firewall for their computer.

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I am using operating system windows XP (service pack 2).

Every few minutes it prompts me to upgrade.

I cannot stop it.

Can you  tell me how can I can stop automatic upgrades?

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I use Windows XP. A few minute after startup, it gives me a message that say's, "update your computer".

Now my question is: when do I update my computer?
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When I bought my laptop last year, my antivirus software was McAfee. A month after I purchased it, I encountered problems with my laptop. I always update my software but it always ends up with viruses. I think I should replace McAfee which is why I am asking this question?

Please help me.

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With reference to http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2011-January/056508.html

It is stated that "A Linux based firewall can lose entire file systems and keep running". Does every Linux-based firewall package automatically inherit this fault-tolerance or does this only apply to some firewalls?

Please help me out as soon as possible. I await your response.

Best Regards,

Gaffy Jen

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I have turned on my firewall. The antivirus that I was using has expired. The system keeps telling me that my computer is at risk and to update it. I think that firewall is capable of detecting and blocking virus attacks.

Can somebody tell me why I should purchase an antivirus considering that my firewall is turned on?
Thank you in advance.
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I have installed a new version of F-Secure antivirus to protect my PC.

But rather than solving the virus issue, it has created a new problem for me.

I can access all the shared folders on the network, but nobody can access my shared folder.

Also,I can’t send or receive any emails in Eudora.

There were no such problems before when I had the free version of Avast antivirus on my PC.

After exploring all the options I am unable to find any firewall option to resolve the problem.

Everything works perfectly when I disable the antivirus, Which is not a solution.

Please share your expert knowledge.

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What is a Firewall? I have heard the term for many years but i don't understand what its function is.

I have seen that Windows itself has a built-in firewall – what does it do? 

I also have seen some antivirus provide a Firewall. Why?

Is it very important considering antivirus has real-time file protection system?

I think this real time file protection system is enough for systems protection so why the  need for a Firewall?

How does it work and how it help protect the computer?

Can anyone tell me about its function?

How can it help to improve virus protection if I don't have an antivirus system?

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