NOD32 Installation error “System incompatible”

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I am facing a problem while  installing NOD32 Anti-virus on my PC. I get a  Systems incompatible error.

What is it and how can it be resolved?

I think I have a virus because whenever I open my control panel  a random internet window appears.

I can't reach any online virus protection site.

I am looking for an expert solution.


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NOD32 Installation error “System incompatible”


Dear Bisce123,

If you think your PC has a virus, don't hesitate to think twice about fixing it. Anti-malware software enables a PC to run smoothly. In order to fix it, you need to have a tool called RegUtility. This will find and fix the selected issues you are encountering.

Nod32 is like a virus. It can probably slow and corrupt your PC due to malfunction of other SYSTEMs.

This site might help you on finding the REGUtility software.""

Just follow its instructions until your installation is FINISHED.

RUN the RegUtility software and it will detect and fix the problem.

IF it doesn't work,  you will need to scan for the VIRUS.

This portion will show you on how to SCAN for a virus without using software.

PLEASE follow instruction carefuly, this is a tricky kind of solution.

Go to your START MENU. and click the search box.

Type a "cmd" letter.

Once the Command prompt pops out. Type as many "cd.." in command prompt until "C: cd.." appears in the screen only.

Now type the letters below.

C: } cd..

C: } attribute (in this way you can find the most important systems that runs in your PC.)

If you found any curious word that are not readable to you, then that maybe a VIRUS.

This word can be read as follow:


".pif "

If you see any of these files, it is a serious problem; delete such files.

If its a Trojan virus, then GOODLUCK. REPROGRAM your computer and say GOODBYE to your documents that you saved.

Sometime the virus can be found anywhere. IT can also reside in DRIVE D.

Follow the steps below to check if the VIRUS resides on DRIVE D:

Go to "command prompt" again. Type letter D with a dot on it.  "D:"

D: } attribute (just like mentioned above, follow the steps)

If there is no autorun.inf and .pif,  its quite ok. You can now REFORMAT your DRIVE C only but its better to DELETE all files in your system to make sure that the entire SYSTEM is new including the DRIVE D.

If your computer Detects a WORD mentioned earlier. YOU cannot do anything about it. You need to REPROGRAM or REFORMAT your PC.

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NOD32 Installation error “System incompatible”



I can help you install the Eset NOD32 onto your computer. You are getting the error message because your computer may not be compatible with the NOD application. Make sure you have downloaded or trying to install a compatible version for your computer.

> To remove infections from your computer, I suggest you to download the tool called the Norton Power Eraser from the Norton website. It is a small application but very aggressive.

> Once you have downloaded the application double click the icon to scan your computer for any virus infections.

> When the Norton Power Eraser finish scanning your computer, you can try installing the NOD application onto your computer.

> It should get installed successfully now.

> Just in case if it does not get fixed, try installing in Safe Mode With Networking option.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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NOD32 Installation error “System incompatible”


Yes it is very much possible that you have a virus in your PC.  You can run an antivirus called smadav which can be obtained from . It is an open source kind of an antivirus, this will help you scan and fix the possible virus in your PC. After installing and scanning try to reinstall your NOD32 antivirus. Alternatively, check the requirements at the back of your NOD32 antivirus casing to see if your system meets the requirements. If no then try and upgrade your system.

Hope this helps. If it doesn’t work, please write down your Error code or if possible the screen shot of the how the problem appears on your PC screen.

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