Firewalls Problem in F-secure Antivirus

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I have installed a new version of F-Secure antivirus to protect my PC.

But rather than solving the virus issue, it has created a new problem for me.

I can access all the shared folders on the network, but nobody can access my shared folder.

Also,I can’t send or receive any emails in Eudora.

There were no such problems before when I had the free version of Avast antivirus on my PC.

After exploring all the options I am unable to find any firewall option to resolve the problem.

Everything works perfectly when I disable the antivirus, Which is not a solution.

Please share your expert knowledge.

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Firewalls Problem in F-secure Antivirus


F-Secure antivirus is a great tool in terms of using and choosing the best antivirus for your computer. It is fast and can detect malicious software effectively. It is a smart choice for every desktop user. It can detect any type of malware and even the feared rootkits. 

Enhanced security while surfing the web against intruders and web phishing, its scanning engine is very effective, a detection rating near to perfection 98%. If you install this antivirus it will automatically scan your computer and if you have any antivirus installed it will be removed automatically by F-Secure anti-virus. It has a simple user interface that allows you to easily access every feature on f-secure that you want to use.

In summing up F-Secure antivirus, it's one of the best software that gives quality and effectiveness with complete protection and online security in a simple procedure. For a desktop user you will experience superb protection that included a link scanner when using the Internet. It blocks every harmful content that is received by your network and prompts you with warnings if some programs or web sites can cause harm to your computer.

If anyone on your network is unable to access your shared folders, then consider the following:

  1. Double check if there is a password sharing between the computers. Access the Network and sharing Center from the Control Panel and then click the Advanced sharing settings. Expand the network profile and click the “Turn off password protected sharing” click “Save changes”.
  2. Rub the troubleshooter for Shared Folders. Access the Start menu and click Control Panel. Type troubleshooter on the search field and select “Troubleshooting” click the “Access shared files and folders of other PC on “Network and Internet”.

There are no firewall options in F-Secure antivirus, if you really want to manage firewall settings then I suggest you to switch to F-Secure Internet Security. It is most effective when it comes to network issues. To set up F-Secure Internet Security Firewall follow the guide below.

  1. Click the settings on the Main Page of the anti-virus. Click "Add" button under the "Rules" tab. A new windows dialog will appear "Add New Rule".
Firewall rules
  1. On the "Name field", type the name of your "Workgroup". Under the Name Field Select "Allow" and click next.
  2. If you want to allow all IP addresses, select the type of IP address you want to accept. Or if you want to specify certain IP addresses then select the "custom" from options then click "Edit" button.
Add new rules in firewall
  1. The "Add Address" dialog box will appear. Select the "MyNetwork" from the dropdown menu. Click the button "Add to list" click OK and click Next. Under the "Firewall Rule" dialog box, select the list of services by checking the box. See image below for reference. Click Next afterwards.

 Window file sharing

  1. If you want to have an alert and you want this alert to be monitored, select the "No Alert" or the "Log" from the options. See image below.
Firewall rule no alert
  1. Click Next and the summary window will show regarding the firewall rule you have created. Click "Finish"
Windows network browsing

Under "Network Connections" click "Firewall" On the "Firewall Settings" Select "Normal" from the dropdown menu for the IPv6 traffic filtering option.

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Firewalls Problem in F-secure Antivirus


The firewall you have installed may be clashing with the anti virus you have on your computer, and that is why when you disable the antivirus you are able to use that functionality that you are being denied when it is on.

If the antivirus is strong enough, and you still have the windows firewall already on your computer, then it may be better if you just uninstall the firewall you installed to avoid getting those problems.

To remove the firewall from your computer you will need to access it in the control panel and remove it from there:

  • On your computer click on start, and then choose control panel from the list that will show up.
Choose control panel from the list that at Start
  • In the control panel, choose the view by category option and then click on programs.
Control panel
  • In the next window choose Uninstall a Program, and then from the list that will be shown choose the firewall you installed to uninstall it.
Programs and features

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