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You can download Mozilla Thunderbird in this link for free.

After you downloaded the Moxilla Thunderbird follow this instruction to install this:
Step 1: Double click the Mozilla Thunderbird setup and if asked to make changes to your computer just click Yes.

Step 2: Click next once the Welcome window will appear.
Step 3: Choose for the Standard as a type of setup you will use then hit Next.

Step 4: Hit Install to start the installation.
Step 5: Wait until the installation complete.
Step 6: Once the installation hit Finish to launch the Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 7: A window will appear that asking you if you like to make new email just choose Skip this and use my existing email.

Step 8: You need to configure your Hover email just enter the name you want to use and your Hover email address and password then hit Manual Config.

Step 9: After creating your Hover account the System Integration window will appear and ask to make the Thunderbird your default mail client the hit OK.