Understanding Domain Name System(DNS) : Beginner’s Approach


Understanding Domain Name System(DNS) : Beginner's Approach

We all know that the domain name of a site is alphabetical such as www.techyv.com. When a computer wants to communicate with another computer, the first one should know the IP address of the other computer. IP addresses are numerical but it is not easy to remember for humans. So certainly there is a conflict. That’s the basic fact behind the internet communication.

There is a large number of websites (host computers) in the world of internet. So, we can realize how tedious and hard to remember the IP address of a particular website is. For example,the IP address of www.techyv.com is Is it easy to remember?

DNS had completely resolved this conflict. It stands for Domain Name System. It translates human readable internet address into machine readable IP address. So, there’s no need to remember such tedious IP addresses.

DNS is incredibly an important part of internet and it makes our life easier.



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