Knowing About The Brain-chips In Technology

Science and technology are developing at a vast speed, and today superhuman science has been a huge discovery in the field of technology, science, and medicine. The brain chip technology, also called the brain implants are entities or neural circuitry object that interferes with the mechanism of interaction and message transferring between human nerve cells and hybrid technical chips. This chip is placed in the brain cells to enhance or start the activity in respective areas of the human brain. Though there is a little limitation to this technology, now studies are being taken for using it effectively.


  • Every brain chip is mostly divided separately for their processing and memory.
  • Brain chips involve bi-directional communication.
  • These brain chips help robots and other higher technological systems to collect and send messages for basic functioning.
  • Feedbacks are effectively taken and given by brain chips without any strain.
  • No need of any visual or auditory clue since brain chips get activated with thought processes involved in the brain areas.
  • Neural prosthetics will be more efficient and suitable for the physically disabled persons and helps in their movements.
  • Even a single chip inserted in the human brain will have many functions to do and process things appropriately.
  • Access to communication is possible from anywhere and when needed on earth.


  • Biomedical instrumentation.
  • Signal processing
  • Microelectronics
  • Robotics
  • Artificial neural networking.
  • Cyber kinetics.


Very few weeks or sometimes months are enough for training clearly with a brain chip inserted in a person’s brain. The user’s speech in a particular environment does not affect the working of a brain chip. Even hand gestures will be easily controllable through brain chip. Just thinking of a task yet to get complete or achieved is accomplishable by thought and action tendencies. These brain chips can also be used to improve the memory capacity of human beings. Blind people will be more useful with this technology. Even gamers have the advantage of playing with mind and control the external environment.



Since this is a new and developing technology, it will be a cost-raising product for all. The studies and researches are still in the beginning stages of brain chip processes. Hacking is possibly done by people since their thoughts are controllable and read manually. There will be higher chances if the risk is a failure in surgery or damage to brain areas with the chip. The start-up of a chip in the human brain will produce scars and lesions which may further affect the general functioning of the brain.


The future generations yet to come will use these brain chips to visually see rays that are not observable by our naked eyes like the IR and UV radiations. Decision-making will be easily optioned, and people could communicate well with only their thoughts. Constantly brain chips will enable a human to get information when needed. Hence people can even be able to navigate the internet and make global change everywhere!


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