Dear TechyV Readers, I am here with a critical problem. A few days ago, I got the ‘Patch for Yuri's Revenge v.1.001’ downloaded into my computer. Later I attempted installing that. In the very opening it informs me of ''Invalid REGISTRY/INI" or something similar to that.

I am not sure about it. Later I fixed it up by means of some other arbitrary registry files which were in the stuff. I also got them downloaded. At that time I met another error message which says,

Patch 1.001 Error


Old File not found. However, a file of the same name...

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While creating a post, I get the following error message. I tried to scan with Norman. But it fails. I guess it doesn’t work as it should be. Here goes the screenshot of the problem.

An unanticipated error has occurred

An unanticipated error has occurred. 

If it persists, please send the information below 

to our support department:

Context: NVCOD – Scan Thread

Routine: NscExecute Scan

Error vale: 0x003000002


Can you help me? ASAP, Please.

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I want to create an external mail contact for a user so I can forward all incoming email to an external email address which is not part of this domain but I'm getting this following error: The Exchange server address list service failed to respond. This could be because of an address list or email address policy configuration error. So I went to try to create a new email address policy but getting the same error.

Please Help!

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I have downloaded a movie as 3 parts. The 3 part file were such that a.mkv.001, a.mkv.002, a.mkv.003. I accidentally renamed those file and as a result file formats changed. Now I can not merge this file with any video converter. Converter always finds no video file in it. So can anyone suggest anyone solution? Thanks in advance.

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