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Question I have a phone and want to share internet I was made aware of wvdial interface in Linux, however I'm not aware of the commands to use. How can I use this to share internet on my phone 82592 Elijah Lawrenceify 2015-01-24 22:26 27 Linux Distributions
Question How to know the UPS battery level for my I have a UPS power supply but each time the power goes off it does not last long, it beeps then abruptly goes off without warning. Is there a ware 82590 Pam Gouin 2015-01-24 22:24 22 Power Supplies / UPS
Question Forgotten Bios password, How to rest my I have forgotten my bios password is there a ware I can rest this to the default? what would be the default? My machine is a Dell Vostro laptop, I 82589 Ann Jolin 2015-01-24 22:22 12 OS
Question Replacing a Core I7 into a core i3 for I have a Core i7 machine that stopped working and I found out that my processor had a problem and needs replacement. Can I downgrade a Core i7 into 82588 Pam Lendrum 2015-01-24 22:21 14 CPU Processors
Question How to regulate my fan speed for higher I have a desktop computer that is heating up in the core processor, I want to make my fan operate at a slighter speed because of my ambient 82587 Tracey David 2015-01-24 22:19 16 CPU Processors
Question How to share internet in a vitual PC from I have a host system in windows that is running linux on VP, is it possible to share the internet from the host machine to the Vp OS? The host 82586 Susan Rozack 2015-01-24 22:17 16 Virtualization
Question Converting the navigations Icons to HTML I have some icons for the up and down scrolling that I would like to be integrated in HTML how can I do this in the editor for HTML? Is it possible 82585 Hannah Tracey 2015-01-24 22:15 16 Page Layout Software
Question How to find a new cpu replacement for a I wanted to upgrade the cpu on my laptop and i was wondering which motherboard details and considerations do i need to check or take into 82584 Samantha Babb 2015-01-24 22:13 14 Peripherals
Question How to set wine (linux) internet proxy Hey guys, im using linux (ubuntu) and i was wondering if there is a way that i can set wine to use proxy server (linux server running squid) or 82583 Matthew 0hammer 2015-01-24 22:12 31 Linux Distributions
Question Using android hardware parts on an arduino Is there anyway to use parts of a broken android phone like bluetooth module, accelerator, gps among others on an arduino project and if so how do 82582 Owen korber 2015-01-24 22:10 17 Hardware Components
Question Make google sketch pro 2014 to load Hi guys, i recently installed Google sketchup 2014 pro in linux ubuntu 14.04 and i wanted to access the plugins warehouse to install a plugin but 82581 Jess wwagner 2015-01-24 22:09 14 System Utilities
Question How to use virtual ports in linux hey guys, i have a project in linux that requires the use of the virtual ports tun and tap. How can i use the virtual ports over a link that i have 82580 Jerold kramer 2015-01-24 22:05 11 Linux Distributions
Question How can i improve gpu performance in linux I noticed that the cpu on my linux machine (ubuntu 14.10) was running at 20 with me having done nothing (haven't opened an application) and on 82578 Jasonf frater 2015-01-24 22:03 12 Linux Distributions
Question How can i filter noise directly from I have been using audacity to filter out noise from an audio file. Is there a way that i can run audacity on the terminal in such a way that i can 82577 Vhilary p 2015-01-24 22:01 14 Linux Distributions
Question How can i scan dns packets do detect dns Hello, im a linux (ubuntu 14.04) user and ive been using iodine to tunnel tcp packets via the dns and i was wondering if there is any software i 82576 Harry ggaston 2015-01-24 21:58 16 Debian Linux
Question How can i use wireshark to detect if Im a student and just out of curiosity i would love to know how to detect reset packets in wireshark which normally indicates that a port is 82575 Grant hobbes 2015-01-24 21:45 18 Security Software
Question How can i set modem speed in linux Hi guys, i have a huawei modem e160 and i wanted to maximize its bandwidth - both upload and download, on my linux machine (ubuntu 14.04). i have 82573 Witt pottey 2015-01-24 21:43 17 Peripherals
Question How can i make a simple web mining google app Hello, im new to using google app script and i wanted to program a web scrapping application to mine for some user data and save the mined data in 82572 Donnaz zimmerman 2015-01-24 21:41 13 Mobile Software
Question Does anyone know of any python google app Hi, I have a web scrapping python code and i wanted to integrate it with a Google app script such that the information it collects can be populated 82571 Hylon kamm 2015-01-24 21:39 16 Python
Question How can i intergrate pygame and screenlets Hello guys, i wanted to integrate pygame in a screenlet application (ubuntu linux 14.10) such that i can use the pygame window in a screenlet from 82570 Carlson devorett 2015-01-24 21:34 11 System Utilities
Question How to manipulate images using php Hello, im currently trying to develop a new captcha system for websites using php, html and javascript and i would like to know how i can 82569 MsJamie Cameron 2015-01-24 21:32 9 PHP
Question Looking for simpler webgl library for game Hello i'm a university student taking a course of computer graphics. i wanted to ask if webgl had a simpler library for game development which 82568 Kayla Spreckelmeyer 2015-01-24 21:20 9 Development Software
Question How to add my own responsive gesture in Hi guys, im a student developing android applications, i wanted to add a custom gesture in my android app such that when matched on the screen, an 82567 Conley Pamela 2015-01-24 21:18 11 Mobile Software
Question Software to view drivers of devices in linux Hey guys, i'm a newbie in linux os and i wanted to reinstall a linux driver for my modem but i can't seem to know how to get to the device 82566 Ivonne Lara 2015-01-24 21:17 4 Debian Linux
Question How to read sim contents in linux using a Hello im a student working freelancer trying to develop a program in c to read/ send messages to various contacts on a sim card. Is there a souce 82565 MrMarshall Johnny 2015-01-24 21:15 4 Handhelds / PDAs