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Question Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installation Hi, During the installation of RightFax 10.5, the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 failed. I searched the solution to fix this error 72746 Michael L London 1 2013-10-15 21:14 235 .NET Programming
Question Microsoft Visual Studio error working on Hi there, After installation of Microsoft Visual Studio on my PC with Windows XP (32) I got this error message. My friend too, installed this program 79346 Michael L Perkins 1 2014-10-19 09:32 76 .NET Programming
Question Error message when I am running Netbeans 7. Hi all. This morning, I’ve found an error message when I am running Netbeans 7 in my Windows PC and unable to find the past splash display 35536 Michael Moora 2 2014-03-07 09:51 537 .NET Programming
Question Which is the best web development language Hi guys, I want to know which is the bes t web development software PHP or .NET if .NET is the best please tell me where can I find the tutorials or 80025 Micheal S Harmon 1 2014-08-11 12:46 87 .NET Programming
Question How to make calls on synchronous Silverlight? Silverlight only supports asynchronous mode, but I have a project that needs the use of Silverlight and WCF programs. The problem is that, I can 17357 Michelle hernandez 1 2011-11-15 12:29 935 .NET Programming
Question Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 error in finish Hello, I have this long list of error when I want to install on my laptop Microsoft Visual Studion 2010 Professional. Nothing seems like to be good 79310 Michelle W Dixon 1 2014-10-19 09:09 77 .NET Programming
Question Compilation Error issue during development Hi friends, I've got a code for the simple game build on the .Net framework platform. I want to study the game so that I can grasp the 3490 Micky 1 2011-06-15 19:18 550 .NET Programming
Question Shutdown/Reset/Log Off PC via VB.NET code? Does anyone know how to terminate a process using Vb.net like shutdown? Help me if any one can. 1095 Mike stev 7 2011-04-27 11:24 3,171 .NET Programming
Question Visual Studio 2005 Pro: "Corrupt Hey guys, Please help me on the following issue. I’m really counting on you. I get a Visual Studio debugger crash. There are three Visual 31326 Miniangel 1 2012-05-12 09:40 1,013 .NET Programming
Question Locating .Net Framework files with Visual I have Visual Studio 2008 installed on my computer. According to Microsoft “It includes a large library and supports several  21041 Monica lewis 1 2012-01-19 21:17 443 .NET Programming
Question How to write a user defined function for Hi! Can anyone kindly help me to write a function for dynamic parameter passing in VB.Net and also state the limit of the parameters in such case? 9933 Mudassarrafiqazeemi 2 2011-09-08 16:23 519 .NET Programming
Question HTML / CSS template website design Hi Guys, I am collecting html / CSS template website design that will help me to have a collection of templates. Please do the needful for 71785 Murz furby 1 2013-07-27 17:43 346 .NET Programming
Question How to Solve NHibernate entity association I am having issues with NHibernate. I have got a few methods in DAL and I use Session Factory. When I run this application it  runs 8053 Nadeemrao 1 2011-08-20 01:41 491 .NET Programming
Question GUI issues on resizing in windows Hi Techy People! I am working on a window application. I designed a window with functionalities such as: menu bar, status bar and a few other 8055 Nadeemrao 1 2011-08-14 03:06 453 .NET Programming
Question Windows application hangs on intensive work? I designed one form application (kind of utility) in Visual Studio. This utility application is used for extensive database transactions. However 8056 Nadeemrao 2 2011-08-20 01:44 530 .NET Programming
Question How will Calling base class constructor? Has anyone or anyone you know experienced a situation where a class could be inherited from some other class, but its methods cannot be over ridden 8057 Nadeemrao 3 2011-09-13 21:43 459 .NET Programming
Question Abstract class scenario and difference Does anyone know in what exact situation one is supposed to declare a class as abstract? How will I come to know the parameters that have been 8059 Nadeemrao 2 2011-09-11 13:45 601 .NET Programming
Question How to inherit base constructor? I have a base class in which a bunch of constructors are overloaded. Another class derived from the base class also has a bunch of overloaded 8060 Nadeemrao 2 2011-08-20 01:50 570 .NET Programming
Question How Documentation of C# file? How can I create the documentation of a C# file that is very well commented on using Visual Studio 2005? I had to use command prompt for this 8061 Nadeemrao 2 2012-03-23 07:14 485 .NET Programming
Question How to achieve fast report generation in Hi to programmers. Vbnet is awesome feature related to .NET framework which can handle many programs and application. I am seeing for some method 65853 Nekoda Monty 1 2013-06-02 12:27 311 .NET Programming
Question How to get the original winscp mit cisco I have winscp mit cisco, but it seems like a fake one, maybe its broken, I try to re-install it, but no luck, How to get the original 43961 Nicola oswald 2 2012-12-03 14:31 515 .NET Programming
Question I need aspx upgrade software for free I use ASP.NET 3.5 on Windows Server 2003 before upgrading to Windows 8.  Now, I also want to upgrade ASP.NET because it can cross-work with MS 60835 Nood geroo 1 2013-02-28 17:41 411 .NET Programming
Question DIV tutorials PDF downloads with examples Hi Friends, I am studying web designing by my own, I would like to have a few examples for DIV based Layout with CSS in order to understand its 65837 Oliviarwilkes 3 2013-04-11 20:57 257 .NET Programming
Question Want to know html rollover pictures effects I have a gaming website. I want to bring some variation to my site by adding few rollover pictures here. For this I am searching for the html codes 42394 Rachel Grifiths 2 2012-08-30 01:10 421 .NET Programming
Question How to embed HTML table to TAB created in Hi! I want to embed a HTML table directly in a tabbed table created in Lotus Notes using the java class RichTextItem. Although I managed to embed a 16129 Racquel 1 2011-11-22 12:48 764 .NET Programming