Youtube-dl error while trying to download a video

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Recently I have installed youtube-dl, and when I want to download a video using the URL of that video (youtube-dl URL) then an error occurs as following:
Error "no fmt_url_map or conn information found in video info" with specific video. Version of youtube-dl is: 2011.01.30. Help me to fix this problem please. This is truly a trouble to me.
Thanks in advance.
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Youtube-dl error while trying to download a video


Hey Betty Lodge,

Well it’s not only you, i am also facing the same problem. However I searched on the internet for the solution and I come to know that they have changed it from the backend.

Probably they have changed it "url_encoded_fmt_stream_map" with "fmt_url_map". I have also noticed some changes in it. I am going to share these changes with you.

@@ -1248,14 +1248,11 @@ class YoutubeIE(InfoExtractor):

# Decide which formats to download

req_format = self._downloader.params.get('format', None)

raw_map = None

if 'fmt_url_map' in video_info and len(video_info['fmt_url_map']) >= 1:

raw_map = video_info['fmt_url_map'][0]

elif 'fmt_stream_map' in video_info and len(video_info['fmt_stream_map']) >= 1:

raw_map = video_info['fmt_stream_map'][0]

if raw_map is not None:

url_map = dict(tuple(pair.split('|')[:2]) for pair in raw_map.split(','))

if 'url_encoded_fmt_stream_map' in video_info and len(video_info['url_encoded_fmt_stream_map']) >= 1:

url_data_strs = video_info['url_encoded_fmt_stream_map'][0].split(',')

url_data = [dict(pairStr.split('=') for pairStr in uds.split('&')) for uds in url_data_strs]

url_map = dict((ud['itag'], urllib.unquote(ud['url'])) for ud in url_data)

format_limit = self._downloader.params.get('format_limit', None)

if format_limit is not None and format_limit in self._available_formats:

format_list = self._available_formats[self._available_formats.index(format_limit):]

Note: (-) sign indicates deletion and (+) indicates addition.

Hope it will help you.


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Youtube-dl error while trying to download a video


Install 'zillatube', the easiest and also the fastest way to download videos from YouTube. The best features of "ZillaTube": is that you can download your favorite YouTube videos easily, and store them in your computer permanently and can view it conveniently and instantly on your PC.

Just copy YouTube URL and paste it into ZillaTube, then click download,

Another sites apart from ZillaTube to convert videos from YouTube:


This site just needs the URL of the video to download.


This site also needs the URL and you e-mail address. it sends a link to download your video to your e-mail. Both site are free and safe.

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Youtube-dl error while trying to download a video


Hey this site is really good. Thank you guys for all the information.

Hi suelto, all links are great. I tried and I was able to download an excellent downloader. More power…

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