Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action.

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My hello to all readers, I am sharing here my experience in using file maker pro, I meet an error when I am about to save the record that I am editing, as what file maker pro said my access privileges do not allow me to perform this action, I pasted the error message screen below to give a full idea on my problem.

Your access privileges do not allow you to perform

this action.

I am running out of idea on what this message is trying to tell me, I managed to edit some records a while ago, and all of a sudden when I jumped on another record to be edited this error message came,

Please share your knowledge on my issue,

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action.


Access Restriction Error in FileMaker Pro

You haven’t mentioned the version of your FileMaker Pro. By the way, this solution I am giving here is applicable in FileMaker Pro 5.5 and FileMaker Pro 5.

The error message appears in both Windows platform and Mac OS X during the submission of a record that has been edited with an instant Web Publishing. The reason behind this error which occurs during the submission of a page with the FERN GREEN or BLUE AND GOLD 2 styles of web through Instant Web Publishing. A value set to Auto-Entry option has been set as referenced to that field which prohibition of editing of value was set.

The following work around will resolve the issue you have been suffering from:

  1. An equivalent field having Auto-Entry with the option: Prohibit modification of value selected must be build for a calculation and then instead of putting that field in the first field or the original one, put that calculation field in the published web layout.
  2. If you are implementing web styles or any of this that supports CSS or cascading style sheets, wheat, soft gray, blue and gold 1, lavender and many others are allowing a page submission in certain instances. With this choice of styles of a web, your visitor’s internet browsing application must have the support with the CSS1 or the Cascading Style Sheets level 1. A later version of Microsoft Internet Explorer supports CSS1 as will as the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 has the support to CSS1 too. Additional for this is the browser must allow JavaScript for browsing.

You may also download the updater from the FileMaker Pro support website

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