WinZip Wizard cannot open this file

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I was at home using the internet, upon checking my email, I received a file from my friend, a zip file containing pictures, when I want to extract the contents using winzip, I meet an error, the error message box tells me, it can not open the zip files and not a valid archived, posted herewith is the screen shot of the error.


The WinZip Wizzard cannot open this file; it does not appear to be

a valid archive. If you download this file, try downloading it again. If

 you want to add the file to an archive, first create or open the archive,

 then drop the file again.

As I read on the error, I am thinking immediately that the zip file I received might be corrupted, so I downloaded again the email attachment, but same result I can not open, with same error,

Please help me find ways to open this zip file,

Thanks a lot.

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WinZip Wizard cannot open this file


WinZip Wizard cannot open a file Error

There are times that a zip file downloaded from the Internet fails to extract especially when it is corrupted. This sometimes because of low internet connection and more often cause by a virus.

If in low speed of internet connection like dial-up, try to download the file on a higher speed of internet connection to avoid corruption of data during download. Because sometimes when we are at the low speed of internet connection, the data requested from the server might be damage due to the massive traffic in your network. But these instances are very rare.

Sometimes this error was caused by the virus, the virus embeds himself to all files copied in chunk so that when the file was executed, the virus codes executes too. So we recommend scanning your computer and freeing from virus infections.

Cleaning of virus from a virus infected computer is very hard to do. That is why we recommend cleaning your computer from virus infection with the use of other computer that is free from virus infection. You may also scan your computer for virus detection using bootable CDs like HIRENS or ROADSTARTER. These two utility tools are available for free download on the internet. Just search them on Google then download it. With this utility tool you can scan your computer without booting in your hard disk drives so that the virus scanner able to scan system files for virus infections.

After cleaning your computer from virus infection, cold boot your computer – this process will be done by shutting down your computer and completely turn off the power from your computer so that viruses reside on memory will be flush out.

After performing a cold boot, connection your computer on the internet and try to download the zip file once again then extract the file. If you still encounter the error try to repair the zip file. WinZip has the built-in repair tool for corrupted zip files. This is repairable only if the archive creator put a recovery record when the zip file was created. If no recovery record was created, you cannot recover the corrupted RAR file. To recover the file, just open the RAR file then press CTR+R or right click on the WinZip desktop then select Repair Archive on the pop-up menu. After then, just follow the wizard then extract the new created RAR file which is the recovered archive. WinZip will show on the recovery status of the RAR file contains recovery record. It will continue recover the files even if there is no Recovery record. If no recovery record found, the new RAR file created was still corrupted.

After doing all these things and still error occurs, tells the sender to upload another file, if ever uploading new archive, create a new archive and not the old archive which he sent to you before.

If the error still occurs, your sender’s computer might be virus infected too. Tell him to clean for free his computer from virus infection then after cleaning his computer, create another archive and send it to you.

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WinZip Wizard cannot open this file



There are number of reasons upon getting this kind of error:

1. Corrupt file = The file might be corrupt upon compression. Ask your friend to perform another compression method to do it right this time.

2. Slow connection speed = If you notice that a small file would take longer time to complete the download, it is expected that the file may be damage upon transfer. It may still complete the download but contains damage files so it cant be opened.

3. zip or  7zip = Make sure that it is compatible with the software you are using. Zip is different from 7zip.

4. Virus = Since it came from an email attachments, there is a possibility that the file or folder itself is infected by a virus before or after it was being compressed as a zip file.

Note – email attachments came from external sources like USB or another computer so it will not guarantee safe to download unless you trust the source of the file or if you are confident from your antivirus program.


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