Windows XP Fatal Error Appear

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I buy 2 CD’s of Window XP from shop. I try to install window, but I receive below error.

Then I replace DVD room and then again try to install Window XP but same error appears again.

I am very confused about this error please tell me its reason and solution.

Fatal Error

            An error has been encountered that prevents Setup from continuing.

           One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

           Manifest Parse Error: Invalid at the top level of the document.

           Press OK to view the Setup log file.


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Windows XP Fatal Error Appear


You will usually encountered this kind of fatal error message when you are trying to install an operating system such as Windows XP. To resolve this issue of yours, you can simply  try to install the Windows XP again ,  but if this fatal error still occurs it might be because one of the file in your CD-ROM, particularly  the file is corrupted or damaged.

Look at your CD-ROM if there is any scratches on it.  That might be the caused of the damages in the file. Get a different CD-Rom of  Windows XP then try to install it again. Or simply burn a new CD then install it.

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Windows XP Fatal Error Appear


This problem may occur if Sysprep cannot decrypt the keys that are located in the following folders:

This problem may also occur if you run Sysprep on Windows XP and use the -nosidgen switch.
To resolve this, re-image, and make sure the image is built on a fresh install of Windows XP. If this problem occurs when you use -nosidgen, build the image of Windows XP with Service Pack 1 Windows XP with Service Pack 1 includes an update that resolves the problem.

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