Windows system files damaged and unusable

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When can Windows system files on the hard disk become damaged or unusable? Is there any possible ways how I could prevent it?

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Windows system files damaged and unusable


Hello Raizek.

There are several possible reasons for Windows system to get damaged and unusable.  Here are some of the more common ones:

1.  Bad sectors in hard disk drive.  Obviously, a bad sector on your hard disk will cause corruption on the data stored in the particular damaged area.  Bad sectors can sometimes appear due to sudden jolts to the hard disk (such as falling from a height while it is running) but oftentimes, it is caused by normal wear and tear to the hard drive mechanism.  Hard drives will always fail sooner or later.  A regular backup is the only way to ensure important data is never lost.

2.  Faulty RAM.  Since data generally passes through your system RAM, any integrity problem with the RAM will surely corrupt files that are being read from or written to your hard drive.

3.  Viruses.  Viruses and malware wreak havoc on Windows systems by modifying or deleting important files.  A good antivirus, a lot of common sense and prudence in web browsing habits is what you need to prevent infections.

Hope this helps!

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Windows system files damaged and unusable


Microsoft Windows is also like any other file that is vulnerable to data corruption. But it can always be prevented by simply using the computer properly. One of the causes of data corruption in Microsoft Windows is an untimely shutdown of the computer that is usually caused by power outage.

This is the very common cause why the operating system becomes unstable which is the usual result of corrupted system files. When there are corrupted files among the operating system’s system files, some of the services that run in the background may no longer work. Other functions that you can normally do before may no longer be available.

Corruption in the files happens because all files used by the operating system are open when the system suddenly turned off. All open files should be closed before the operating system shuts down to prevent any damage to the system and this is done automatically while the computer is shutting down.

To avoid any damage to the system, always make sure to check if the CPU is already turned off before unplugging it from the outlet. But in case a problem is already detected, you can use any disk utility applications to check and fix problems in the hard drive. The worst reason why a file got corrupted is getting a bad sector or bad block on the hard drive.

When this happens, that particular spot in the hard drive can no longer be used.

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