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My windows is being failed to detect to recognize any kind of removal disks. for several days I am trying to use pen drives but in vain. I am in a very miserable condition. I can not pass a day without pendrive. Please give me solution.

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This problem can be fix in two ways.

First is you have to check if your pen drive is working while plugging it into another laptop or computer desktop. If it works. Then that would mean that your pen drive is not faulty. In your laptop try to run “devmgmt.msc, in cmd command then click on the plus sign before universal bus controllers and update these drivers by uninstalling and reinstalling these drivers.

Second is you open Run in the start button then type compmgmt.msc and enter, then click disk manager on the left, and on the right click your USB drive that appears in the disk management window then click the letter drive change and paths, just assign a new letter drive in the USB Drive, after doing that the pen drive will be displayed in MY Computer.