Windows low on registry space error message

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I have a Dell Presario laptop and specifications are Win XP Pro (SP2), 3 GB RAM, 90 GB HD with Dual 3 GHz Xeons . The Antivirus software has been replaced recently because the older version does not provide enough security. However, after the substitution, following error message appears when the laptop restarts.

If I choose OK, the system will continue to work. The system file name is C:WindowsSystem32Config and the size is 10.3 MB.

This laptop is new, a few software is installed. However, if reboot the laptop, this message does not appear again. Is this message a false notification so that we can just ignore it?




“The system has reached the maximum size allowed for the system part of the registry. Additional storage will be ignored"

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Windows low on registry space error message


Hi please do the following options:

In perfmon, you can do the following:

Add System > % Registry Quota in use > confirm to see what is the highest value is. AddMemory Pool Paged Bytes, confirm to see what is the highest value is

Now make sure to check the sizes of the registry.

Security ____in MB
System_____ in MB
Software_____ in MB
Default______ in MB

C:Documents and Settings
Default User _______in MB
Local Service_______ in MB
Network service _____in MB
User Profiles #_____

Every individual User Profile sizes___in MB (occasionally the median and largest size can be sufficient.
Now confirm that don’t have the subsequent registry key set:



If you do not have the registry set, please install the latest UPHClean . After installing set the following registry key.


Stop then resume the UPHClean Service.
If the problem still occur gather the information in step 2 it will guide you to an application driver that is not receiving registry keys

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Windows low on registry space error message



There are two solutions, you could download the follows to compact the registry
Alternatively, you could try the follows if you do not feel comfortable the 100MB of .NET support files installed on the laptop.
2. And from here.
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Windows low on registry space error message



Open C:WindowsSystem32Config in Windows Explorer 
and open Tools>Folder Options>View.
Confirm that hidden files, file extensions for known types and system files are set to shown.
Then choose ‘Details’ and report back here the size of System file.
Currently that System file on my computer is just over 7MB and warning messages never appear.
In fact, one MSDN article is found and says that error message is called ERROR_REGISTRY_QUOTA_LIMIT.
However further explanation e.g. how to fix this and what caused the message is not found.
If System file is very large, then Registry Cleaner program is required to fix this
or there maybe something else involved or that error message is erroneous

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