Windows Loader Damaged My OS

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I am using an Acer Net book. This one does not have a CD/DVD ROM, so everything must go with using any USB Flash Disk or any external hardware with USB cord. I got this net book as a gift so I don’t really know where and how they install Windows 7 on it. But I had a virus so I have to reinstall.

But I don’t have any installer with me. So I searched on the net and download a none genuine version of my operating system. I got this Windows Loader from a site I don’t remember anymore.  Windows Loader is used to activate a non-genuine copy of any operating system.  But after finishing the installation, my computer froze upon boot up.  The Windows Loader damaged my hard disk.  I don’t have any copy of any recovery or its installation disk or USB so I really don’t know how to fix this thing. 

I am asking for help on how to resolve my problem. How can I remove the windows loader? My net book is Acer One Aspire AO522. Here are the specs:

  • I am running a Windows 7 Starter Edition.
  • Processor: AMD C-Series 1GHz DDR3 1066MHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6250.
  • Hard Disk Drive: 250 GB.

I enclosed a copy of the windows loader similar to the windows loader I downloaded recently. Please send me a reply. Thank you.

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Windows Loader Damaged My OS


Dear Louise Porter,

You don't need to worry anymore. This is a very simple problem. You don't need to download any Windows activation. If you have any pen drive more than 4 GB its okay. All you have to do is, download the USB boot software from the internet. Then you need a Windows 7 ISO file ( if you want to setup windows 7) or ISO file of Windows XP ( if you want to setup Windows XP).

Then using the software burn the ISO file in the pen drive. Then you will be able to setup the Windows in your computer using the pen drive. First insert the USB drive in the computer then select the boot device priority the USB drive pressing F10 or pressing F2 and select the boot device.

Then you will be able to setup Windows easily on your computer.

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Windows Loader Damaged My OS


This is a simple OS matter in which you have to install a new window and i think that your hard drive is perfect but you need to check it on another system, if you have any doubt. To install a fresh copy of Windows, you can use these sources:

  • Compact Disk (DVD/CD)
  • Internet(Must be from a valid site and version)
  • By coping window in USB and installing it on HD.

These are some simple tasks to solve your problem. Windows 7, is really easy to install and it is more efficient then any other window but the main question is how to install it.  I will suggest you to use a (DVD/CD) because it best suits  your condition and it will be easy also.

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Windows Loader Damaged My OS


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I cope up by making a bootable USB disk and put a copy of Windows 7 on it. I borrowed it from a friend. And now I can fully use my net book anywhere. Thanks guys for helping me out.

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