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I am using Windows Internet Explorer. All of a sudden, an error occurred on the screen stating this:

“Stack overflow at line: 0”

I don’t really know what is the computer is referring to when it stated the fact that it overflowed. Which part overflows?

What could be the meaning of this?

Please provide tips on how to resolve this problem.

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It is a normal and common error messages that used to be asked often why it appears all of sudden. It may appear for some very obvious and common reason. To solve this problem you need to turn off  “Disable Script Debugging" option from internet explorer and start debugging by the help of visual studio as you have that problem. If you still have that same problem, try to reinstall it from your software backup or you can download it from internet and reinstall it. If its still in there even after installation then please let me know.

Thank you.

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Hi Anneforth,

This is common error and I would like to give you several options to be able to remove stack overflow at line 0.

The problem is not related to your personal computer neither is it related to the Internet explorer .It is normally related to the site you are visiting

Method 1:

Turn off the Disable scrip debugging option in the internet explorer .You may debug using Visual studio.

The error is caused by the unterminated loop or recursive call that overload java script engine. This may happen in many ways

Method 2

Install new Adobe flash player and shockwave player

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Hallo Timothy,

  • Open internet Explorer and then click on Options.
  • After that choose Internet Options
  • Click on the Advanced tab and then make sure that "Disable Script Debugging" has been disabled.
  • If not change that and then save the changes.

That should resolve the error.


Fletcher Hoss