Windows 7 on Safe Mode; Normal Mode not visible

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My computer's OS is Windows 7. The problem now is that it does not boot into NORMAL mode. It only boots with the SAFE mode. Worse is whenever I restart the computer, the system only gives me two choices: either SAFE mode or SAFE with Networking Normal mode.

If I choose Safe mode, Windows does not react to any hard network connection. I do not know how to get Windows back to the NORMAL mode. Any suggestions and advices will be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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Windows 7 on Safe Mode; Normal Mode not visible


Hello Yvette,

I will suggest that you just open the computer in safe mode and while there run the system restore utility to restore the system to a previous state before you started experiencing the problem. May be the problem is as a result of the changes you made to the system or some programs you installed which system restore will remove.

If that does not work then you will just need to reformat the computer because the operating system may be corrupt. Or you may try fixing the operating system or disk repair utility and see if it can solve the problem.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung


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Windows 7 on Safe Mode; Normal Mode not visible


Best solution for this is to reformat your computer to avoid waste of time troubleshooting and fixing the operating system where sometimes ends with formatting.


By the way, if reformatting is not your best solution, you can still fix your operating system. But I will tell in advance that most in this case the solution is to reinstall a new and fresh operating system or reformat your computer. So let’s forget about that. You have not other choice but to boot in safe mode, and if you have already there, run your command prompt then type “chkdsk /f” in your command prompt to schedule a checkdisk to run at start-up. After running reboot your computer. Your computer will then automatically run the checkdisk at start-up then let the program fix the errors. If this is the solution, congrats! You made it.


You can also boot your computer using your installation disk then perform and system recovery. Just follow the wizard for the recovery. If it solved the problem congrats!


If still exists, it’s time to do the worst solution. Reformat your computer.

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Windows 7 on Safe Mode; Normal Mode not visible


This problem can happen if the “/SAFEBOOT” option is checked in msconfig or the System Configuration Utility. If this option was checked before when you are troubleshooting something and you forgot to disable it, your computer or your operating system will continuously boot in Safe Mode unless you uncheck it.

To check and disable this option, click “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories” then right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator.” In the command prompt window, type without quotes “msconfig” then hit Enter. In the System Configuration Utility window, select “BOOT.INI” tab and look for the “/SAFEBOOT” option.

/SAFEBOOT option to boot in Safe Mode

If you see this option checked, uncheck it then click “OK.” Restart the computer and see if it boots normally again not in Safe Mode. If this doesn’t work, run “msconfig” again then in “General” tab, select “Normal Startup” then click “OK.” This should fix the problem and boot the computer in normal mode again.

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