Windows 7 on old MacBook no BootCamp

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My old MacBook has Windows 7 installed on it. It doesn't have bootcamp and it boots from a DVD. It has Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM if these information will help; and it's the one with white color. The problems I am encountering are, first, it runs very slow. I want to know if reformatting this can help. Second, I need drivers for the graphics card, mouse and the others. Where can I find drivers for this? Anyone?


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Windows 7 on old MacBook no BootCamp



Apple always recommends using Boot Camp for installing Windows editions on the Mac. So, using Boot Camp is the best of all. If you give up using OS X, you won’t be able to enjoy the improvement of the new firmware updates from Apple. So, using Boot Camp is always recommended.

First of all, get the latest Boot Camp. Download Boot Camp.

Then, retrieve the copy of Windows installation media for installing Windows. If you’ve got any ISO, create a bootable USB or you can create one using UNetbootin. If you’ve got CD/DVD, you can use Disk Utility to create the required ISO.

1. Start “Boot Camp Assistant” from Applications >> Utilities.

2. Follow the on-screen instruction to download the Windows driver and re-partition your startup disk. After prompted, insert the bootable USB.

3. Boot Camp will restart to start installing Windows. Your USB drive will be booted and you can install Windows from the USB.

4. After installing Windows, restart your machine.

Now, you can boot into Windows easily from the Boot Camp system tray icon.

For more details, you can contact this Apple KB.

Windows 7 require high hardware configuration. If you would upgrade your hardware, your performance would boost up.

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Windows 7 on old MacBook no BootCamp


Since a Mac has a processor, RAM, video card, and other devices that make a computer, I don’t think you will have a problem installing Microsoft Windows 7. But even if you manage to install the operating system, the next problem would have to be the drivers for the motherboard’s chipset. Since it is a Mac, I’m not sure if you can find the chipset drivers for Windows 7.

For the keyboard and mouse, you don’t need to look for their drivers because Microsoft Windows has built-in generic drivers for these devices. For the video card, sound card, network card, and other devices, you need to know their brand or manufacturer. I’m sure you will find compatible Windows 7 drivers for these devices after learning their manufacturers.

You can check the manual that comes with your computer or the computer’s packaging. You can also check the Apple website for the specifications of your computer. It should show you the complete details about your computer. Once you learned the makers of these devices, try looking for their websites and check if they have a compatible driver for Windows 7.

Your computer runs very slow because Windows 7 doesn’t have their appropriate drivers to make these devices run properly.

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