Windows 32bit vs 64 bit.

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What is the difference between Windows 32 bit over Windows 64bit Operating system? 

and on what aspect it will affect my computer?




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Windows 32bit vs 64 bit.


HI yhanie. Actually the difference is only on the RAM. The 32 bit Operating System is compatible to up to 3.5GB of RAM while the 64 bit OS can cater from 4GB. If you notice, most of the computers rights now has more than 4GB of RAM so the default OS is 64 bit. If you are just a home user, then 32 bit is fine and great. If you are a gamer or a super/power user then go for the 64bit OS. The bigger the memory of your computer, then there is more that you can do. More files that you can open without slowing down your computer. You can do multi tasking when you have 64bit OS, working on files while watching video and the like.  With 32 bit, its fine as long as you open file one at a time not to have a possibility of programs freezing or hanging.

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Windows 32bit vs 64 bit.


There are a number of differences between these two, ranging from the programs supported to amount of physical memory each can support to the drivers that each can support.

The main differences include; the 32-bit version of windows supports unsigned drivers, unlike the 64-bit windows version.

-Unlike the 64-bit windows version, the 32-bit version can support both 32-bit device programs and 16-bit programs.

– 64-bit windows version has a special 'kernel patch' protection feature. This feature is not available in the 32-bit windows version.

– Another difference is about the size of physical memory that can be accessed by each. 32-bit windows access up to only 4GB of RAM. while the 64-bit windows can access from 1 GB to 128GB of RAM.

-The 32-bit windows version requires a 1 GHz (32-bit) x86 processor or even a 64-bit (x640 processor. While the 64-bit windows version only requires a 1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor.

-Using a 64-bit windows version, you stand a chance of high performance of programs.

-A 64-bit version has higher security features as compared to the 32-bit version.

-A 64-bit windows version cannot support digitally unsigned 32-bit device drivers.

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