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The WikidPad 2.1_01 is a good text editing software.

Is there any way of upgrading the text font of this?

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Hello Jessielucyy,

I have read your interest on Wikipad 2.1. You admit it as an ideal software for text editing.

You are very much right about the app. This product can do a great job for you. 

There is plenty of text editor option for this software.

You may also share the text by this software. The best thing about this software is its free opportunity.

You can download it from any website. License I so totally free. But unfortunately there is no upgrading facility for this app.

But you can download the latest Wikipad 2.3 version from anywhere like Softpedia or CNET.

Hope this information will help.


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WikidPad is a program that works similar to a diary where you can put all your everyday thoughts, ideas, feelings, any tasks, contacts and more. This application offers a wiki-like notebook which is capable of cross-linking all information. The program is also very similar to an online encyclopedia because it creates linked words.

This means that by simply clicking on any linked words you will be brought to a previously created page.

The application also integrates with some of the text editing tools like for example adding bold or italic.

And also putting a plus sign “+” before the word or phrase will convert it into a heading and will therefore get bigger. You can also view multiple pages simultaneously on individual tabs which makes it easy to jump between pages. WikidPad is a freeware and works on all Microsoft Windows operating systems.

If you wish to download it, Visit Softpedia® Updated one minute ago wikidPad 2.1_01 / 2.3 Beta 09 / 2.2 RC 09.

Sharath Reddy

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WikidPad is an open source standalone wiki notebook/outliner for Windows with plenty of features, for example dynamic tree generation, subject tagging, auto-completion, etc.

Thanks friends, for your relevant clues. By studying your comments I have found my desired information which I had mentioned in my question.

Both of your comments were precious and informative but Sharath your comment looked easy and also enriched my mind and broadened my thoughts.

You explained that I can view multiple pages simultaneously on individual tabs which makes it easy to jump between pages, this information was new to me.

Now I can manipulate my WikidPad easily without any hassle.

Thanks Sharath, for sharing your knowledge with me.