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There is a hardware or software issue on my laptop, I don't know which one, that sometimes its WiFi stops working altogether even if it was working fine just two minutes ago. Then I restart it and it works sometimes and sometimes don't.

My device manager does not show WiFi adapter in network adapter list and it disappears from HP Wireless Assistant too.

I have tried updating the bios and diagnostics but it still happens.

Please tell me any solution to this problem because it sometimes destroys my whole work by disconnecting in the middle of something.

Thank You in advance.

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Kindly Check whether your wifi device driver is working fine, sometimes driver files become corrupt and your hardware starts creating problems.

Do you have the driver software CD for the device? Put it into your CDROM and run the setup. Check whether it gives you the option to repair or un-installation of the driver. If yes then try to repair the driver and check if your problem is solved. If the problem still persists then uninstall the driver by running the setup from CDROM again and reinstall the driver. Reboot your PC and check if your wireless adapter is working fine.

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What you should do reinstalls the Operating system. Then install a fresh the wifi program. This will make it work well and you will never have any problems for these anymore. Try reinstalling and remember to install the antivirus for protection of your machine.

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The wireless adapter's common issue is intermittent connection. It works for a second then it'll stop with your apparent reasons. Most problem is that the Computer cannot detect the hardware installed and or it is in need to update the driver of the device. But there are ways to identify the root cause of the problem. You'll need to eliminate the possible wireless adapter driver issue. Install the latest software driver and you can go to the next steps.

A hardware failure also needs to be observed. Specially the actual wireless adapter itself. Check it from time to time if it's getting overheated or the connector is loose. There is no other way or solution if the hardware itself is the cause. A replacement is needed.

When a computer is not detecting the wireless adapter, then we can say that it's something to do with the hardware. Try plugging the wireless adapter in the different slots. A light indicator should light once computer detects the new hardware installed.

Then the driver is needed if the previous software is corrupted. But this rarely happens if you are using Windows 7 version.

previous software is corrupted

Sharath Reddy