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Author: Regie
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Hi folks,

I just bought a desktop computer that came with a Word Starter 2010. I've been using Word 2000 in my old computer.

Then I used the Equation Editor a lot. But with the new version of Word Starter, I've noticed that it doesn't support the equation editor.

Is there a way I can use the Equation Editor with Word 2010?

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Hi Regie,,

May be there's a problem with the installation of your Word Starter, so the equations are not functioning. Word 2000 should install fine on Window7 and no, it won't overwrite Word Starter 2010.

They are completely separate programs.

But I'm not sure if Word 2000 will work on Windows 7.

Just give it a try.

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Actually in Microsoft word 2010, Equation Editor is not used. It has some new features,  like built in supports of writing and changing equations. So there is no need of using Equation Editor.

You can also edit equations directly in Word 2010. For doing this go to the insert tab. Then click on the equation button. Then chose an equation and double click on it. Now you are able to make any kind of change that you want to make.

If you want to know more about Equation Editor then go to the Equation Editor topics in help menu.

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Thanks Mr. Ross, may be I'm just not so familiar with Word 2010.

I will check it out.

Thanks a lot

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Mr. Ross was right.

You don't need the Equation Editor.

There are already equations for you.

Just look for it.

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If you are  having a hard time with Word 2010 interface, you can still install the older version which you are familiar with.  Don't worry it won't overwrite the word. 

It's a completely different file but if you're using  Windows 7 I'm not that sure, the application will work properly.

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Thanks for your ideas.

I will install Word 2010. Anyway I am using an XP, which I guess is still compatible.

If I have the spare time I will study the interface of Word 2010.

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Hi Rigie,

Your computer does not support MS Word 2010.  You have not mentioned what the  problem is, when you setup the software.

When you setup this software on your computer what is the message you get?

If the message is may be your hardware configuration not sufficient. My solution is, you can check your RAM, Hard Drive, Processor and you can also check your CD may be there are scratches.

You also use Equation Editor with another software. Many software have in market for equation moderate. Math software have many site of online and  you will download this software from Internet.