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Author: Dorothy Jose
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I have Toshiba Thrive tablet running Android 3.2. When I try to play youtube videos, it stays on buffer screen and never loads. I can play videos from other sites like vimeo perfectly. I'm using wifi so it's not connection problem.

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Maybe you tried playing a video from YouTube when it was still peak time. These are the time when too many users are accessing the network at the same time. If you can not play a video, try doing it after a couple of hours.

But if there is really no way to play any videos from YouTube, try installing a different browser in your Toshiba tablet. It is possible that the loading problem is really with the current browser you are using.

Try installing Mozilla Firefox for Android which supports tablets. It is compatible with Android 2.1 and up and since you are using Android 3.2, I think it would not have any problems.

Or, if your problem persists, try upgrading your tablet’s firmware by visiting Toshiba’s official web site.

Sharath Reddy