Why does my Windows XP PC regularly get stuck?

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These days my windows XP PC is getting stuck regularly so it really annoys me as I have to restart my computer over and over again.

Can someone please tell me why this issue takes place?

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Why does my Windows XP PC regularly get stuck?


You mean by getting stuck, it hangs regularly? It is really annoying. Most causes of system hang ups are file errors due to cross-linked files. In system hang up, the current task is waiting to be terminated and because of some file error the file gets too long to be read that’s why it hangs.

Actually, the computer really did not stop. It is just waiting for the next instruction. Due to reading errors the computer has a hard time loading the next task and that is how a hang or slowness happens.

You can install Norton SystemWorks. I think Norton SystemWorks 2011 is already available in the market. It has a Find and Fix Problems option where you can diagnose Windows’ own registry, like:

  • ActiveX/COM Sections
  • ActiveX/COM SubKey Sections
  • Application Paths Section
  • Device Drivers Section
  • Fonts Section
  • Help Section
  • Microsoft Shared Section
  • Run Sections
  • Sound Customization Sections
  • Symantec Shared Section
  • Uninstall Section
  • Common Program Locations
  • MS-DOS Program Shortcuts
  • Windows directory
  • Program Files directory
  • Desktop Shortcuts

And it also has Norton Disk Doctor which can diagnose your hard drive physically. It scans your hard drive for cross-linked files and other file-related issues that are causing errors on Windows.

Try searching for it on the internet. There are sites that offer free downloads. But be sure to have your antivirus active to scan it after downloading. Don’t download any stuff if you don’t have your antivirus on guard.

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Why does my Windows XP PC regularly get stuck?


It often happens because of your PC configuration. When PC configuration is not as high as recommended then your windows stucks or hangs. You need to upgrade your hardware components such as: processor, Motherboard, RAM and Hard disk. Sometimes low amount of RAM causes this kind of problem.

You can extend your RAM. Sometimes it happens when you use high quality software or games. You can delete them. Or, your PC containing viruses. Use an anti-virus like NORTON or Kaspersky to get rid of viruses. Or, you can re-setup your windows.

I think, this solutions might help you.

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Why does my Windows XP PC regularly get stuck?


The computer that hangs regularly is a possible indication that your computer has viruses or Trojans. If ever you have antivirus installed. This antivirus might be infected by these viruses or Trojans. You may try to repair the damage files by anti-virus re-installation but often times, the problem still comes back.

The best way to counter such problem is to wipe your hard drive clean. Back up all important data and reformat your hard drive and start new installation of every program you need starting from your antivirus. These may be a little bit too harsh but this is the only way you can start your business with your computer a less annoying experience.

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Why does my Windows XP PC regularly get stuck?


Dear Rizwanthahir,

According to you, your computer is always stuck regularly, maybe because of the following reasons:

  1. Too much load of your computer system, sometimes, too much installed software are the causes why pc's stuck. 
  2. You have downloaded many games in your pc, although, pc is design for any video games, it is still not advisable to always play video games in your pc because the heat that will produce by your pc is not the normal heat that it will produce per day. 
  3. Your pc just encounter a virus, that you may installed but you did not noticed.

And here are the recommendations:

  1. Check your OS and your Hard disk, if you see many installed software delete those unimportant software.
  2. Avoid excessive playing of video games, limit yourself in playing video games, maybe 3-5 hours per day. Or put any cooling device in your pc or even to your house like air conditioning or electric fan. 
  3. Installed a antivirus to free your pc in any unprotected files. Always update it, if necessary. 

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