Why Does My PC Crash When Gaming?

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My computer usually crashes when I'm playing games. I noticed that the temp is really high and I have no choice but to make my computer rest for a while. What is causing this and how can I resolve this? Do I need a new fan? Please let me know.

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Why Does My PC Crash When Gaming?


Gaming issues are connected with video errors so you need to ensure that the games you are playing meets the requirements and compatible with your video card. Also, you need to check on the following:

1. Know if your Power Supply Unit (PSU) is working properly. Monitor the voltages in BIOS and check if its an issue of overheating. The power in your PSU and your graphics card should meet. If you can, try another PSU.

2. Check on your CPU fan. Sometimes, dusts can stop the fan from spinning properly. And once it stopped spinning, your CPU will start to overheat. Clean it if its full of compacted dust. Use a can of compressed air.

3. Check on your RAM. Try another RAM that is higher than the one you are using and check if they are seated correctly.

4. Check on your video card. To know if its faulty, check if the problem only persists on certain games or all the games you played. If you can play on other games without getting the same issue, then the problem is not your video card.

5. Check on your heatsink. Put some thermal paste if needed and check if its installed correctly.

6. Update your graphics card driver. Go to your manufacturer website and then check if there is an available update.

7. Check if BIOS is restricting the CPU fan to operate at full potential because of acoustic settings.

8. Restart your computer. There are processes that is running on the background and you need a restart to end them. The more work on your computer, the higher temperature will be.

9. Download Real Temp to monitor your CPU temperature.

10. You can also change your fan to modern corsair CPU water cooling. It is far more effective and no noise.


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