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Hello! For your expert advice and inputs.  Why should I try Office2003 Beta2? Do you recommend if we will upgrade our computer with Office2003 Beta2? Is Office2003 Beta2 better than Office XP? What is the difference between the two (2) applications? Thanks.

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You could try office 2003 beta if you have no first-hand experience in using the Windows 2003 office platform, otherwise just upgrade to Windows 2003. You could always update via Windows Update to avail of the latest updates, fixes and patches. I can safely say that Windows Office 2003 is better than Office XP. Just for the additional components, performance enhancements and tools provided by Windows Office 2003 package, it is a definite winner. Support for Pen & Tablet and Windows Picture Manager and also performance enhancements are some differences to Windows 2003 side by side with Office XP. Better yet if you are considering buying Office 2003, better invest with Windows Office 2007 packages.