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I am very much looking forward to playing with this.

Can anyone help me find a good site to have rich man 8 the game free download for pc?

I would appreciate it if you also have some way to put it on my mobile phone.

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You can download rich man 8 game from here.

Click on below link, bottom of the page.

Then you will be prompt below screen.

Click on Save to Save File to desktop.

Then click Richman_Online.exe file to launch setup.

After setup you will be able to play this game for free.

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Hey Jhon,

You can download Richman 8 by clicking on the green colored Trusted Download link here. Upon clicking, the site will ask you permission to download its own informer software first. Click on "NO" to that and then the Richman 8 setup named RMsetup.exe will be downloaded. Click on it finally to install and start playing.

Regarding your second question i don't think there is a mobile version of the game for free. All you could do is maybe search for a monopoly game in the Android/ITunes/Windows market and play provided your phone is either an Android or a Windows Phone or an IPhone.