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Where can I possibly download a Windows 8 in its trial version?

Is there an available OS for an ordinary desktop PC?

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Hello there Kennedy, 

For starters, yes it is available for normal public to download. Its a consumer preview, which means it is almost done building but has some tweaks, the official link is

You can download the ISO and then burn it to a DVD and install it from there or you can have a software which emulates the ISO as a DVD, like Daemon tools.

I would personally recommend Demon Tools because its hassle free and saves a DVD. However keep in mind, its not a completely built Operating system and bound is to have some bugs, otherwise its a very good operating system.

Best of luck.

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You can download windows 8 trial version, there are so many other site where you can download the windows 8 trial version.Its kind a look like windows 7 ,

its available also on Microsoft website.The new features of windows 8 is quite exciting and being of the leading operating system in the world.Windows 8 support for both X86 PC and ARM Tablets.WIndows 8 have the Windows to go concept ,its the feature that allows windows 8 to boot from a USB  device (called as Live USB) including users programs ,settings and files.

Windows 8 have the Windows Store kind a like the Apple store, which can allow windows users to browse on some of the new windows applications available for sale and trial with some free application also.

The windows 8 user interface has been extensively re design for metro style which shows the most important information about the person who owns the new windows 8 operating system.I has now better security with the help of windows defender.It comes with Internet Explorer 10,faster booting,apps always on the go,minimal ram,and single flat form meaning it can be use to tablet, laptop, desktop and mobile phone.