Random commands appears on startup simultaneously

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My Vista has suddenly started showing up, random command prompts at start up. By random I mean, they pop up simultaneously at start up blocking my taskbar. I try and end them via task manager, but the problem is that, whenever I restart my computer they start up again, which is annoying.

I have tried system restore and that worked for 2 restarts but after that the whole thing started up again. The command prompts have the name “consent.exe”. I tried scanning with my Kaspersky Antivirus, but it didn’t detect any virus. Urgent help needed in this issue as I can’t shut down my PC because of it.

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Random commands appears on startup simultaneously


Hello Jenny BillField,

The main reason why an unexpected command prompt appears on startup, is having a virus. Make sure to update your Kaspersky Antivirus regularly, to avoid viruses. I have here some solutions, you can do any of the following. Look forward to hearing from you.

(Solution 1)

1. First thing to do is, you may need to set the Windows StartUp folder.

2. Press the Windows key -> select Programs, On the StartUp you will see the programs.

3. You have two choices on how you will do with the programs in Windows StartUp folder.

4. First is to delete them if you are not using them anymore.

5. Second is to make a Disabled StartUp Programs folder here –> C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStartMenuPrograms and you will move there the files from Windows StartUp folder. And you can restart your computer.

(Solution 2)

  •  You can also disable the startup programs to avoid them appearing in startup. Follow these steps:


  •  Press Windows key> select RUN then type "msconfig"> hit Enter.


  •  In the Startup tab you may uncheck the programs that you don't want load from the startup, then click Apply and OK.


  •  Then restart the computer. In your startup there will be a dialog box that will appear, just check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows start" check box, -> click OK.

(Solution 3)

You can also fix that issue by System Restore. It will help you to go back to the day, when the computer works fine and without pops up message in startup.

You just have to restore your computer from the date before the problem started. But before you do this, you have to backup your important files if you have save some files starting the day when command prompts appears in your pc. So here is the procedure on how to setup your System Restore. Follow these steps:

  • Run your computer into Safe Mode by pressing (F8) key during the initial startup.


  • In the Windows Advanced Option -> select Safe Mode and hit Enter key.


  • And in the startup the Desktop dialog box will open -> select NO to proceed in System Restore.


  • Select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" radio button -> click Next button.


  • In the calendar choose the day before when computer is working in a good condition then click Next. And the computer will automatically restart.

(Solution 4)

Set up your Windows Firewall, follow these steps:

(Press Windows key, select Control Panel, pick Network and Internet connections category, select Windows Firewall then make sure it's turned On)

  • A firewall is a system which prevents unauthorized access to your computer and has the ability to protect your computer against attack from the outside.


  • A firewall is not going to rid you from your computer virus problems, but it will add extra security and protection to your computer or network.

(Solution 5)

Always keep your Operating System updated. Keeping it up-to-date helps your pc to protect against malicious program or files. Follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows key> select All Programs> click Windows Update.


  • Click on "Check for Updates"> click on "Install Updates".


  • Updated Windows will ensure that your security protection is up-to-date.


  • Windows security protection helps to prevent.
  • Trojan viruses may also help to fix the problems related with Trojan viruses.
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Random commands appears on startup simultaneously


My Dear,

It looks like some virus is creating problems and that's why it shows a program in command prompt. So first of all I will recommend you to do a full VIRUS scan on your computer. It will solve your problem, as well as kill all such worms and make your Windows perfect. Although, if you want to simply not execute the program you named as "consent.exe", then follow these steps:

Go to START and click ON RUN, here type msconfig.exe after you press Ok. A new window will open here, select STARTUP and see for the file that is creating problem, just uncheck it and you will be done. As shown here:

START and click ON RUN, here type msconfig.exe after you press Ok

When you are done, click OK and it will work fine next time when you boot up.

Hope you like that.

Ok bye.

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