What is a VPN and what does it help to achieve?

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A company runs across multiple locations and would like to set up a Virtual Private Network between too many branches. With reference to the statement explain what is a VPN? How can the above scenario be achieved? What are the benefits of such a network being created?What is a VPN concentrator ?

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What is a VPN and what does it help to achieve?



VPN is the short name of “Virtual Private Network” that enables you having better security online.

There’s a VPN provider, having their own network of encryption and internet access method. Whenever you configure system to use a VPN server, every single bit of data that comes and goes from you is transferred from the Virtual Network. The VPN provider gets any signal from you, reads it and turns it into its own signal and sends it to the required site’s server from an anonymous IP. The reaction returned from the site’s server is also passed to the VPN provider. The VPN provider sends it to your IP. The whole process is done encrypted, so no one can break into the connection and get your data, like the Heartbleed.

When you use VPN, you won’t have to worry about your security. No one’s getting your trace. Additionally, your internet speed will go up as the VPN server gets any data and sends to you with the highest limit of your internet connection.

Info on how VPN works, can be harvested from here.

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