What is Virtual Private Network(VPN)?

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What is a VPN and are there any suggestions you can give to select the best.

I am looking for a solution to connect from home for my employees.

We have 30 employees and 20 of them need to connect.

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What is Virtual Private Network(VPN)?


Here is an Article I wrote on Virtual Private Network. Hope this helps.

Recently, business world enhanced the productivity of their workers simply by establishing a constant contact with them. As long as there is an open access to the company’s data even though you are on the travel, deadlines can be still be coped up.

Regular checking of daily task and performance monitoring can be done without any hassle. You don’t even need to go to your office to check and follow up unaccomplished task. In fact, giving feedbacks to the various activities in the business can be made right at the moment whenever you stay connected.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) plays a great role in the convenience of sharing data. The transfer of data into a very secure and safe access; access from one computer to a separate terminal is one of the tough concern of this network. VPN is a computer network that connects the user remotely to the company’s system without sacrificing the confidentiality of the data.

It uses public telecommunication systems such as Internet to deliver an isolated offices or users. Through this network, huge expenses paid to leased lines will be cut off. In other words, using this kind of network will certainly lessen the cost of having individual internet connections. 


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What is Virtual Private Network(VPN)?



There is lot to say about VPN, but I can elaborate a few important points here briefly. There are different types of private networks but VPN is best regarding features. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” it basically works privately inside public network that’s why it is famous, as it provides wider domain as exists in public network and security for being private. Now how it works privately.

Just imagine if there is a long tunnel built on a public road, and only you and your authenticated people have special coupon to pass through it what will you feel. More safe and sound even traveling beside public road same happens in VPN it creates a tunnel by assigning IPSec header. This makes all data private and secure.

As you haven’t mentioned you location so its not possible to suggest some VPN connection.

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