What is the use of tv campaigns Google adwords?

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Hi TechyV,

What is the use of TV campaigns Google AdWords? I heard about advertising in television and internet but I don’t understand the flow of the business industry online. Can you share with me some of your idea that is related to TV campaigns Google AdWords? I will be glad if you help.

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

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What is the use of tv campaigns Google adwords?


Hi Trevor John, this is my idea about Google Adwords using TV Campaigns.

We know that advertising something is one way of promoting something that enables you to convince and even persuade the viewers of that certain Ad.

Advertisers are expecting to increase consumption or usage of the product they are advertising. More consumer more profit.

Speaking of Google Adwords it is also one way of advertising your product through Google and their advertising network. All you have to do is have your Ad choose some keywords that describes or related to your business. When someone search through Google and happens to use keywords on your site your Ad or page maybe one of the result thus looking at your site or Ad they will get information about it.

I simply came up with one word to describe those things, Business.




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