What is turnitin.com and does it work

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Please help me…
I am a student and I would like to know what is Turnitin.com and how does it work?
I live in UK and I would like to know how this works and I can I know if my research or work is plagiarized is it free or there is a certain fee paid for it. Kindly advice.

Thank you…

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What is turnitin.com and does it work


Howdy Maurice,

Turnitin.com is owned by turnitin.com Inc. itself which is a web based plagiarism detection software. Turnitin.com is only available to students and instructors of South Bend Campuses, IUB, East, Fortwayne and more. It is an educational tool that helps students to learn on how to work with sources and improve their quoting and paraphrasing skills.

You need to be an enrolled student to be able to access turnitin.com. The instructors provides your username and their school will give you the password once you are enrolled. Turnitin.com also used by instructors to check the submitted reports of students through it. For more information you can visit the link:


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What is turnitin.com and does it work


Hello Maurice,

Turnitin.com is a service that checks for plagiarisms especially for the student papers and other academic papers. As a plagiarism checker it checks the papers they have been submitted by students and compares them with the millions of papers that have been archived it to find out if there any form of plagiarism.

It has been said to been the best plagiarism detector service as compared to many other plagiarism detection services that are provided online.

You can access the service by visiting the following link

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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