What is the term protocol mean ?

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What is the term protocol mean and why protocols are important in data communications?

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What is the term protocol mean ?



A protocol is a set of rules that administrate data communication between devices.

In data communication to send data between two devices, those two devices agreed on some rules. These rules are defined in the protocol.

A protocol defines what is communicated, how to communicate and when to communicate between devices.

There are 3 factors in protocols. Syntax, semantics and Timing are those three factors.

The protocol is important because it is mange data communication between nodes.

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What is the term protocol mean ?



All communications among devices need that the devices concur on the format of the data. The practice defining a format is called a protocol.

Communications protocol must describe the following:

· Rate of communication (in baud or bps).

· Whether communication is to be synchronous or asynchronous.

· Whether data are to be communicated in half-duplex or full-duplex mode.

Additionally, protocols can comprise a refined method for discovering and improving from transmission inaccuracy and for encoding and decoding data.


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What is the term protocol mean ?


Hi Peter,

= Protocol is a system that rules how something to be done.

– Rules Describing some behavior.

This very useful in the data communication protocol is used to understand common language. This system is used to understand and communicate in a common manner. The internet is the best example of the successful protocol.

I hope my answer helps you.

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