What is special about PHP compared to java.

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Greetings of Peace!

I do have a site under construction and I am hesitant to use php programming compared to java programming.I was more introduced to java but what else can a php do to my site?

My website is an exlcusive knowleged base forum to students and teacher in our school, they will interact in that site, one can send private message, upload pictures and share it  to different users.

Here is the question:

The website has a profile page, what can a php do to let the profile picture be croped in accordance to the desire of the user, can you give me the code for it? and what kind of php programming editor can I use?

I am hoping for a good respones to this matter.

Thank you,


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What is special about PHP compared to java.


Hello xurwin,

You should be so brave to go for programming using java when developing a website, because many people will opt to use PHP. The PHP code readily works well with the PHP database; you can easily link the website that you have developed using PHP to a MySQL website.

PHP did not support OOP and procedural programming awhile back hence java had an advantage over it. But right now PHP does support OOP and procedural programming and thus most developers will go for it because it is easier to learn and use. But PHP will be preferable to web developers who are developing their own sites, but when it comes to developing complex websites to be used in a corporate setting java will be the best language to use.


Lee Hung

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