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Hallo WebGurus!

I have been using WordPress for my web development processes for some time now. Once in a while I also carry out custom web building. In WordPress, there are normally options for the long and the short URLs. What software can I use to create a small URL when working outside of WordPress? Thanks.

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Hello Gwendolynhunterr
You can use VBS to create small URLs. It automatically fits texts in the right text boxes on and gives form to generate a shortened URL, and it uses the internet explorer. But one other on came up with some other code that uses XMLHTTP and works in the same way just faster with code also much shorter. Here;
Function GetTinyUrl(url As String) As String
Tinyurl API creation link from:
Dim xml As Object
Set xml = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0")
xml.Open "POST", "" & url, False
GetTinyUrl = xml.responsetex