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I'd like to know the new features that are newly added to the PowerPoint 2010 version?

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Same as the MS Word, documents now can be open with the new browser version using the Skydrive as long as you are logged on in Windows Live.
Users now can edit video and images within PowerPoint with its built-in basic video and image editing tool which are somewhat like the Adobe Photoshop but more user-friendly.
So, aside from this,  you may also share what you’re doing real-time by sending the file through Sharepoint. This feature can also be seen using your mobile phone’s browser.
However, the browser version of PowerPoint doesn’t include the video editing features though and it’s only available in the desktop version.

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Here are the 5 features of PowerPoint 2010.
1 Manage your files in the new Backstage view
The new Microsoft Office Backstage view lets you quickly gain access to common tasks related to managing files, such as viewing document properties, setting permissions, and opening, saving, printing, and sharing your presentations.
2 Co-author a presentation with your colleagues
Co-authoring enables you and other collaborators to change a presentation at the same time, instead of having to do so separately. It also prevents anyone from being "locked out" of a file that is being used by or that is checked out to someone else. You and your co-authors no longer have to take turns editing a presentation and then merge different versions of the presentation together.
3 Automatically save versions of your presentations
With Office Auto-Revisions, you can automatically save different, progressive versions of your presentations so that you can retrieve part or all of earlier versions. This is helpful if you forget to manually save, another author overwrites your content, if you unintentionally save changes, or you just want to go back to an earlier version of your presentation. You must turn the AutoRecover or AutoSave settings to take advantage of this capability.
4 Organize your slides into sections
You can organize large slide decks to be more manageable and easier to navigate by using sections. Additionally, you can collaborate with others to create a presentation by labeling and grouping your slides into sections. For example, each colleague can be responsible for preparing slides for a separate section.
You can name, print, and apply effects to an entire section.
5 Merge and compare presentations
You can compare your current presentation with another one and combine them instantly by using the Merge and Compare feature in PowerPoint 2010. This is helpful if you work with others on presentations and use e-mail or network shares to communicate changes with others.
Hope these helped.
Have a nice day.